Car Battery Maintenance – Caring for Your Car Batteries

Got a daily runner? If you do, car batteries are absolutely essential in ensuring that it runs! It makes sense, then, to maintain good car battery maintenance on your car. Good maintenance will go a long way towards extending your car battery life. In doing so, you will prevent an inevitable breakdown.

Here, we’ll look at a few of the best ways to extend the service life of your battery. Through this, you can extend the time between car battery replacement. One of the greatest risks to it is battery terminal corrosion, which we’ll also cover.

Maintain the Whole Car

First thing to understand is that your car batteries shouldn’t be your only focus. You may end up reducing your car battery life if you’re not careful. But what good is a car with a perfect battery, if nothing else works?

Your vehicle consists of many essential parts. So caring for the vehicle is as important as car battery maintenance. Additionally, caring for the whole vehicle has the added benefit of increasing battery service life! This is yet another great way to avoid unnecessary car battery replacement.

Secure It – Avoid Car Battery Replacement

No matter the make or model, all car batteries should always be securely fastened. An improperly secured battery can vibrate, and this may cause severe internal damage! Be sure to check your battery terminals on a regular basis. In so doing, you’ll avoid shortening your car battery life,

All car batteries, no matter the type, should be securely fastened at all times. A car battery that isn’t secure could end up vibrating, which can cause severe internal damage. Be sure to check your battery terminal on a regular basis to avoid shortening your car battery life.

This practice especially applies if you drive on poor roads often. Securing your car battery is a simple solution to a preventable problem. It would be a waste to need a car battery replacement due to this. Ensuring your battery is secure makes up a large part of car battery maintenance.

Conserve Your Car Battery – Avoid Short Trips

Driving your car for a few minutes will prevent the battery from charging properly. To maintain good car battery maintenance, try to reduce the number of these short rides. It’s better practice to drive your vehicle on longer trips often. Battery terminal corrosion may damage it in the long term. But, too many short trips can add up in the short-medium term.

There are also other ways to avoid unnecessary car battery replacement. You can also buy a portable car battery charger. If you don’t drive often, or can’t help but make short trips, these are very helpful. What’s more, if your car batteries ever run out, they can be a real life-saver.

Car Battery Corrosion

Control Battery Terminal Corrosion

Battery terminal corrosion usually happens over a long period. Despite this, it’s always worth cleaning them from time to time to extend your battery life.

You can prevent car battery corrosion from occuring with just a few simple tools. Grab a toothbrush, dry cloth, and water with baking soda. Dip the toothbrush in the water, then scrubs the terminals. Afterwards, dry them with the cloth. Just like that, car battery corrosion ceases to be a problem.

Also keep in mind that your car battery will inevitably need replacement. Test and replace your battery with Menlyn Motor Services.